HSK Vocabulary Lists


Knowledge of vocabulary is essential to passing the HSK. By memorizing the vocabulary, you maximize your chances of being able to answer questions in the exam – even if you don’t fully understand the grammar structures. Seeing all of the vocabulary in a list form can help you to gain an overall perspective on what to expect before diving in.



Using Speedy Vocab to Study the HSK Vocabulary Lists


Speedy Vocab’s three-stage system ensures that you memorize the HSK vocab fast and efficiently, while being exposed to the kinds of ways it is used in real life contexts. The grid-based flashcard system gives you a birds-eye view of your vocab to help gain a level of familiarity before quizzing you on their pinyin and tones. The words you have learned are combined into sentences and shown to you based on the spaced repetition method, ensuring that you only see words that you would most benefit from seeing again.


With this self-reinforcing system, Speedy Vocab goes beyond the limitations of traditional flashcard software, ensuring that you remember HSK vocab for the long term.